Your Friday Playlist: The Works of Richard Linklater

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

I first discovered Richard Linklater when I was a kid, with School of Rock. It was incredible. Later on, I saw Boyhood, which was such an impressive endeavor. Once I saw Everybody Wants Some!!, I was fully transported to his world. Everybody Wants Some!!, as with Linklater's previous films, are about virtually nothing, but their essence stays with you - the characters’ energy, their conversations, their games, but most importantly, their dance moves. Linklater’s use of music and dancing in his latest movie is just one example among many of his admiration and attention for music and sound in film. With a particular penchant for American classics in his two period pieces (the 70s in Dazed and Confused and the 80s in Everybody Wants Some!!), Linklater also touches upon more recent works, and is particularly successful in reminding us of our childhood and teenage angst in Boyhood. There’s a bit of everything, so take your pick.