What to Watch on Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

It’s that time of year… snow is falling, hot chocolate is brewing, and love, along with a cocktail of Philly pollutants, is in the air. That’s right. It’s Valentine’s Day. So naturally it’s time for a “What to Watch on Valentine’s Day” article. Keep scrolling to find the perfect movie for your Valentine’s Day vibe.

What to watch if…

… it’s a girls’ night: Bridesmaids. No questions asked. Moving on.

… it’s a guys’ night: Also Bridesmaids. Once again, doesn’t need to be justified, but in case you need that extra push: it’s Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph and a bunch of other badass women who will make you laugh so hard you’ll sprout a six-pack, guaranteed.*

*Not guaranteed, at all.

… you’re craving a Rom-Com: National Treasure. Oh-- you said Rom-Com? In that case, National Treasure: Book of Secrets. This historical adventure trilogy is a thrilling roller-coaster ride starring the Mona Lisa of actors, Nicolas Cage. As Cage endures Indiana Jones-like adventures with political twists, his deadpan gaze will have you at the edge of your seat asking: what emotion is he feeling right now?

… you’re craving a Rom-with-no-Com: Call Me by Your Name. I mean **James and the Giant Peach. Easy mix-up. In all seriousness though, CMBYN, a love story set in quaint, countryside Italy during the summer of 1983, is as romantic as it gets. From frolicking in grass fields to day-long bike adventures, Elio and Oliver’s romance will whisk you away into a 132-minute whirlwind of love.

… you’re watching with that special someone: Juno. The story about a teenager and her journey in navigating an unplanned pregnancy, is a somewhat blue comedy that will remind you about the naivete of young love, as well as the value of family. It will also hopefully remind you about the Golden Rule of this fine Valentine’s Day: no glove, no love.

… that special someone is your Mom: Mulan. Nothing better than some female empowerment on this fine Valentine’s Day. We don’t need a man! (Even though she gets the man… the hot man… the hot and strong and brave man. Yeah, I know it’s animation. So what?) Mulan is a a female-led action adventure that takes place during the Northern Wei dynasty. As Mulan defies the social norms of her culture, she embarks on a journey in hopes of restoring honor to her family. In the end, she earns her father’s honor, as well as the confession of his unconditional love for her. This film will prep you for the long-awaited Mulan live-action film dropping in 2020.

… this Valentine’s Day came at a bad time and you need to cry: Manchester by the Sea. Let the waterworks begin! This film is a somber narrative about a man who burdens the guilt of a family tragedy. The tear-jerking narrative of the film is heightened by breathtaking performances by Michelle Williams and Lucas Hedges.

… this Valentine’s Day came at a bad time and you need a distraction: There are two routes we can take here. First option: Surf’s Up. Arguably one of Shia LaBeouf’s greatest performances in his acting career. Second option: Bruno. Ten minutes into this film and you won’t be thinking about what time, day, or month it is. Instead, you’ll be thinking about why you relied on a “What to watch on Valentine’s Day when…” article to pick your movie for the night. But, hey, at least you’ll be distracted.

… it’s just another night in: BlacKkKlansman. If you haven’t seen Spike Lee’s latest masterpiece yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s a must-see. The political action film reveals eerily similar parallels between America’s modern political culture and that of the 1970’s.

You only get one Valentine’s Day movie night per year, so choose wisely! Sure, there’s always tomorrow night, and the night after that-- but that’s not the same. Valentine’s Day is about love and the American commercialization. So read closely and make sure to pick the perfect film for your 2019 Valentine’s Day vibe!

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