Westworld: Episode 9

Clues have been pushed in our direction throughout the first season of Westworld, but what do they all mean? These minute details could determine the outcome of the season finale. It is now simply a matter of recalling those easily missed details and attempting to piece it all together in time for the big reveal that is the final episode.

1. The Wyatt storyline is mentioned at different points of time.

During the William, Logan, and Dolores timeline, there are mentions within the management of the “Wyatt” storyline being developed. Meanwhile, Teddy and the Man in Black are living through the storyline itself, facing his soldiers, while Teddy has a clear memory of the villain. This further confirms the idea of dual timeline, and suggests that the William/Man in Black theory may be entirely possible.

2. The Man in Black interacts with characters William has interacted with.

In recent events, the Man in Black comes across a repurposed host, who happens to be the same woman that greeted William upon his arrival to Westworld. The Man in Black states, “I figured they’d have retired you by now,” a statement clearly indicative of a prior relationship between the two characters. The Man in Black also comments to Teddy, “You lose girls to guys like me,” possibly referencing Teddy’s connections to Dolores and his loss of her to William.

3. Who is Arnold, really?

We have been given small bits of information about Arnold, his existence, and his death. After episode nine, we are informed of a definite connection between Arnold’s mind and Bernard’s code, suggesting a reincarnation of Arnold through Bernard’s host form. And guess what happens if you rearrange the letters in “Bernard Lowe”? You get “Arnold Weber”.

4. Remember when Dolores’ father found that strange photograph buried in the dirt?

If you return to the beginning of the season, you will find it useful to pause the episode when Dolores’ father sees the strange photograph left on the property. If you recall, this photograph was set at a location outside Westworld with two normal people in a city setting. While it might not “seem like anything,” it should, because that photograph is a picture of William and his fiancée.

5. The Man in Black always carries a knife.

If you haven’t noticed already, it is clear that the Man in Black is always brandishing a knife. He has used it to torture, to murder, and to cut himself free from a noose in episode nine. It is a very distinctive blade, one that has identified his presence all season. In the most recent episode, William waits for Logan to fall asleep before slaughtering every single host around them. Logan tells William to calm down and lower his weapon when he wakes up to the manslaughter, but William does not adhere. The knife in his hand is the same knife that the Man in Black wields.

These small details are simple hints that are incredibly easy to miss. Although it is not likely that all of these questions get addressed in a single season finale, we can be hopeful that the final episode and upcoming second season might clarify all of the endless mysteries the show has presented us with. The season finale airs next Sunday at 9pm Eastern on HBO.