Top Movies to Watch During Spring Break

When I think about Spring Break, aside from the feel-good hot weather that we don’t get in West Philadelphia, a few other things come to mind: obnoxious night with friends, and enjoying a seemingly stress free week of school. For American college students, spring break is often portrayed as being the one “you only live once” week in which students can easily enjoy themselves without having to worry about the stress of midterms and everything else that comes with academia. With these feel-good vibes on spring break, which movies are ideal to accompany you?

The Hangover trilogy

Join Doug, Phil, Stu and Alan, or the “Wolf Pack” in debaucherous fun as they travel to different party destinations, including Las Vegas and Bangkok. The Hangover trilogy covers the late night adventures of four guys who run into a series of unpredictable moments: like getting matching Mike Tyson tattoos, stealing police cars, and partying with a Buddhist monk.

21 Jump Street/22 Jump Street

As a rule of thumb, you can almost certainly expect a laugh from almost any film staring Jonah Hill. 21 Jump Street and 22nd Jump Street are both no exceptions. Ladies (and gentlemen), if you want more Channing Tatum in your life, this is also the series for you. The Jump Street series features Hill and Tatum as two adult cops who get a moment to relive and re-create their wildest high school and college moments.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Why not watch a movie about two guys who get trippy while trying to find hamburgers?Harold & Kumar is a pretty old-school American classic that features not only a lot of stoned moments, but also lots of off-color humor. Be prepared for a lot of unexpected moments, like when Harold and Kumar hang-glide from trucks.

Due Date

“Dad….you were like a father to me.” Get ready for more awkward moments with Zach Galifianakis. Due Date brings you more crude humor with an upcoming father and a stoner who try to survive one of the most unpredictable road trips of their lives.


Superbad is one of those movies that makes you wish your high school days were more memorable. Writers Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg take you a long with two axienty-driven high school students as they get ready for their first house party. Superbad embodies the stereotypical “you only live once” feeling invoked by many of us in trying to create more worthwhile moments in the last few days before college. And of course, there’s more Jonah Hill!

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