Superbad's Dynamic Duo Sit Down for a Chat

Twelve years after their duo debut, Superbad costars Michael Cera and Jonah Hill sat down for a chat on A24’s podcast. They discussed current projects, Hill’s film debut Mid 90s and Cera’s Broadway performance in Waverly Gallery, as well as nostalgic anecdotes like their international Superbad press tour and their road to fame.

When I first heard this episode of A24’s podcast, I felt the same anticipation that typically comes from waiting for the next Game of Thrones episode or the night before a day I plan to wear a new outfit. I had to make sure I was in a quiet place in which I could relax and give my undivided and giddy attention to these two actors. For those of us unfamiliar with the work of Cera and Hill, these two actors are notorious for their comedic personalities, and have been blessing our generation with a wide range of humor since the early 2000s. Some of you might even remember young Cera from the comedy television series, Arrested Development. Hill might be most recognized from his blockbuster hit with co-star Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street (a personal favorite of mine).

By the sound of their voices, they were just as excited as I was. Cera and Hill never miss a beat throughout the entirety of the podcast, bouncing off each other as old friends do. The two stars share a similar road to fame, both referencing Superbad as their first major breakthrough. On the topic of the international press tour for Superbad, the actors laugh at how the film was marketed in Spain as soft porn (the translated movie title in Spain was Super Horny). Very early on in the podcast, Hill reminds Cera of a particular flight experience leaving Spain. They go on to describe a putrid smell that led them to do a “bit” in which they joke the whole plane was made entirely of feces. They continue, albeit in between laughter now so many years later, by saying they imagined the crew and even the airlines was “so proud” of their feces-made plane. Cera and Hill continue telling anecdotal stories from that tour, making the rest of us wish so bad we were friends with them.

Apart from the humor, it’s quite heartwarming to listen to the two actors admire each other’s latest creative projects and discuss their passion for film. About halfway through the podcast, they delve into their favorite films and actors, many of whom are from the classics and might not ring a bell for the average listener. It’s at this point where you realize they’ve grown from their debut in Superbad. You can hear the wisdom they’ve gathered from the industry through the years by the way they reflect on their past and what they’d like to see each other perform in and create for the future. Cera commends Hill on a play he had written that showed for only one day yet had impressed many by its unique and original set design and presentation. They even throw around the idea of working together, Hill mentioning that he’d love to write a play for Cera to star in.

It doesn’t stay sophisticated for long, though, and the two go back to their comedic antics before you know it, sharing stories about their time on set together and celebrities they had starstruck moments with (for Hill, his encounter with Prince is worth the listen). Overall this episode of A24’s podcast stands out for reuniting a duo we have longed to see together again, and yet, still making us want more.

This episode of A24’s Podcast can be found on Spotify and iTunes.