Spring 2017 CIMS Course Recommendations

Looking for a cool and interesting class for next semester? We know you just want to watch movies, so check out our Cinema and Media Studies suggestions for Spring 2017:

1.CIMS386: Paris in Film - Philippe Met

Not just for French film lovers. Philippe Met’s survey of Parisian film focuses on both French and non-French depictions of the romantic and magical capital (yes, I’m biased), through historical and cinematic approaches. Great list of films, and a very passionate professor.      

Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:30-5 Fulfills:      Non-American Cinema in the CIMS Major http://cinemastudies.sas.upenn.edu/courses/2017/spring/CIMS386.401

2.CIMS285: Art and Business of Film - Kathy and Emory Van Cleve

If you want to get into the entertainment industry, this is the class for you. Reserved for juniors and seniors, Art and Business of Film attempts to do just that: a thorough look into the making of a commercially successful (but also critically acclaimed) film, with a very practical side to it. For most of the semester, groups compete against each other to see who can make the best short film (rewarded by little Oscars at the end). Kathy, a screenwriter, and Emory, a director, have a great dynamic in class and cover most sides of the filmmaking process. One of the best and most competitive Cinema classes at Penn.

Thursdays, 1:30-4:30 Fulfills:      CIMS Elective http://cinemastudies.sas.upenn.edu/courses/2017/spring/CIMS285.301

3.CIMS202: Alfred Hitchcock - Valerie Ross

Changing her main focus each semester, Valerie Ross specializes in ‘auteur’ studies. This past semester, it is Wes Anderson. Next semester, it will be Alfred Hitchcock. Enough said. If you need more convincing… deep analyses of the films are expected, but in a rather informal way, and moderated by a brilliant professor. Also, midway through the semester you will be put into groups and tasked with paying homage to the selected filmmaker by making a short film imitating or altering a scene from Hitchcock’s filmography.

Wednesdays, 5-8 Fulfills:      CIMS Elective http://cinemastudies.sas.upenn.edu/courses/2017/spring/CIMS202.601

4.CIMS202: Tribeca and Multimedia Criticism - Peter Decherney

Peter Decherney’s class is relatively new and has a very exciting opportunity to go to Tribeca Film Festival in New York for two weekends in April 2017. There is a deep emphasis on film criticism and its growing mediums (from essays to podcasts to YouTube videos); students will be expected to create of film reviews through these multiple different forms.

Thursdays, 1:30-4:30 Fulfills:      CIMS Elective http://cinemastudies.sas.upenn.edu/courses/2017/spring/CIMS202.403

5.CIMS151: Fiction and Film in Contemporary Japan - Ayako Kano

Yasujiro Ozu, Akira Kurosawa and Hiroshi Teshigahara are amongst the post-war film directors you will be looking at in this course. Focused on literary adaptations, Ayako Kano’s class encompasses both literary and cinematic approaches to Japanese cultural studies. The books, short stories and films are all fantastic, and the class is rooted in their historical and political context, making it engaging and relevant. You can also choose to opt out of the final exam by making an individual creative project (a screenplay, a short film, a research paper, etc).

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30-12 Fulfills:      Arts and Letters Sector Non-American Cinema in the CIMS major http://cinemastudies.sas.upenn.edu/courses/2017/spring/CIMS151.401

6.CIMS202: Realism and World Cinema - Meta Mazaj

Cinema Studies majors all agree that Meta Mazaj’s classes are some of the best and most relevant film surveys. She always approaches a theme (Romantic Comedies, Historical Films, and here Realism) with impressive background knowledge and positive environments. In this course, you will look at what is realism and authenticity through the artificial medium of film. Contemporary movements include Iranian New Wave, Danish Dogme and American Mumblecore, to name a few. (Careful non-majors, Meta’s classes usually make you want to major in CIMS).

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3-4:30 Fulfills:      Non-American Cinema in the CIMS major http://cinemastudies.sas.upenn.edu/courses/2017/spring/CIMS201.401

Picture Credit: Tobias Wrzal